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Long Exposure Spring Break Night 2013

Tonight, I got out to take some long exposure night photography. Boy was it cold! Standing around in the aftermath of 12 inches of snow accumulation on the first day of Spring is no easy feat in itself. Luckily, I came back with all my toes and fingers. I envy those down in Cancun, Mexico, Panama City and Miami right about now. Hopefully with the weather about to warm up I can finally take out my Canon DSLR rather than my trusty Sony point and shoot camera and take better pictures. My first night time photography was a bitter cold success. Next time I will have a larger tripod, interchangeable lens and more time to compose my shots in an urban environment rather than the suburbs. No waist height tripod so that is why this shot is so low. This was filled in with flash on top of a hill. In focus supermarket shopping kart with long exposure in background. This shot was taken on a hill crest to show the length of the light all the way throughout the frame. O