Cuba Libre!

Cuba GirlCuba ArtCuba CarCuba GirlsCuba CarCuba Landscape
Cuba carCuba VinalesCuba GirlCuba phoneCuba StreetCuba Man
Cuba HavanaCuba flagCuba bookCuba TrinidadCuba bookCuba car
Cuba streetCuba GreenCuba OrangeCuba CheCuba streetCuba architecture
Cuba, a set by @Doug88888 on Flickr.
I would really love to get a chance to shoot pictures before Cuba is modernized once either before the embargo is lifted and is overrun by tourists or new leaders open up the country to partial capitalism like China. The old school atmosphere just oozes from this place like fine wine and cigars.

Via Flickr:
Cuba was a magical, amazing country to visit. So full of vibrant characters and spectacular scenery. Cuba is a place I could visit again and again. I hope you enjoy this gallery.


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